quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

Pale Soul - Fear is the mind killer 2004

2.Altered Species
3.FM Twister Fader
4.Out Of The Frame (Feat Sleep)
5.Brotherly Love (Feat Anaxagorus)
6.Shallow End (Feat Onry Ozzborn)
7.Vanity (Feat Sirens Echo)
8.Fear Is The Mind Killer (Feat Toni Hill)
9.AM Twister Fader
10.Want Beef? (Feat Snafu)
12.Sound Mind
13.Moon Raker (Feat Zelly Rock)
14.Passin Me
15.My Soul (Feat Roosevelt)
16.Our First
17.Off The Chain (Feat D.O.S.)

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